Kedareswar Temple, one of the eight Astasambhu Temples, is near the Mukteswara Temple, in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. The presiding deity is Shiva, referred to locally by the name ‘Kedareshwar’. It is in the precinct of Kedara-Gouri on the right side of the road leading to Puri from Bhubaneswar and at a distance of 40 meters south of Muktesvara. It is one of the ten monuments within the precinct. It is the main temple of the complex. The temple is facing south and the enshrined deity is a circular yonipitha made of sandstone. The linga at the center is missing. The sanctum is 2.5 square meters which are 0.8 meters below the present ground. It stands near the yard of the Mukteswara Temple.

It is said that there lived a couple named Kedar and Gouri. They loved each other and decided to marry. Society was against the union, so it led them to flee from the village. During the journey Gouri felt hungry, so Kedar went for food and was killed by a tiger. Later Gouri hearing this at this place jumped into the pond. The king of Utkal, Lalatendu Keshari, knowing this raised a temple named Kedareshawr or Kedargouri Temple. Still, lovers come here to pray for happy wedlock without any obstacles. The pond here is said to have some medicinal properties.