Esplanade is the biggest shopping mall of Bhubaneshwar - the Temple city of India. Many global and regional brands in the mall bring in international shopping experiences with them.

The Mall Design

Excellent interiors and contemporary design make it an iconic building of the city. In addition, this mall is home to Cinepolis, offering a world-class Bollywood and Hollywood film experience.

This mall has four floors, out of which the third one has the food court and the fun zone. The fourth has the Cinepolis. And the other two have hundreds of national and international brand stores. At the front, there is a small park where the visitors can roam around, and it has become the home for love birds. There are two parking lots present in Esplanade One. The parking space for Bikes and other two-wheelers is at the backside of the mall, while the parking space for the four-wheelers is in the basement.

Recently, OnePlus has started operating its business in Bhubaneswar out of Esplanade One, with its first brand outlet on the ground floor. The ground floor also has several shoe stores and Reliance Digital.

How to reach Esplanade One, Bhubaneswar

Esplanade one is on the Puri-Cuttack road, just before the Rashulgad area. If you are traveling from the Kalpana side, you can take an auto-rickshaw and reach there. Auto rickshaw will charge you around Rs. 10/- for the trip. If you are traveling from Vanivihar or Cuttack side, you can walk to the shopping mall after reaching the Rashulgarh area. Or you can use the google map we have provided below.